Postdoctoral position IFPEN / LMT

È aperta una posizione postdoc presso IFPEN / LMT sul tema “Development of a new small-sliding beam-to-beam contact element for the fatigue design of spiral strand wire ropes“.

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Assegno di ricerca sul 3D printing presso CNR-IMATI di Genova

Si cominica che presso il CNR-IMATI di Genova è aperta una posizione per un Assegno di Ricerca per un nuovo progetto di modellazione geometrica con applicazioni alla stampa 3D. Il progetto richiede che l’assegnista abbia al massimo 30 anni in data 15/6/2019.

Laurea Specialistica o Magistrale in Matematica(LM40), Informatica(LM18), Ingegneria Informatica(LM32) e/o Ingegneria Meccanica(LM33).

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Assegno di Ricerca Universita’ di Chieti-Pescara

Si informa che sul sito dell’Universita’ G. d’Annunzio di Chieti-Pescara  e’ stato pubblicato un bando per assegni di ricerca con scadenza il 10 settembre, che  include un assegno (il n. 2) nel ssd ICAR/08 sul tema “Modelli strutturali per la valutazione della sicurezza di edifici in muratura esistenti” (responsabile scientifico Vincenzo Sepe).

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Postdoc Position INSA Lyon

We inform about the possibility of Post-Doc on

Mechanical metamaterials and enriched continua

at INSA-Lyon, GEOMAS Laboratory, see the attached document for details.
The position is immediately available and the hiring can be postponed until beginning of September at the latest.

Professor Angela Madeo


Postdoc opportunity

A postdoctoral researcher position is available at Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory (IMAC), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne). More details about the position and how to apply can be found at 
and in the enclosed flyer.
Dr. Gennaro Senatore

FH Aachen – Job opportunity

At the Institute of Bioengineering  in the Department of Medical Technology and Technomathematics at the FH Aachen on Campus Jülich, a scientific employee position is vacant in the field of biomechanics. The research focus of the IfB lies in the field of soft tissues from cell to organ level.

Information can be found in the flyer Job_Posting_09-938

Professor Manfred Staat


Oxford, UK – Post-Doc opportunity

A post-doctoral research assistant (PDRA)  position is available for a 2-year term with possible extension (depending on funding and performance) under the guidance of Professor Alain Goriely in Oxford UK.

The PDRA, extremely motivated to be fully involved in the research programme, will develop innovative models for brain modelling. Interests of the group concern development, trauma, neurodegenerative diseases of brain and the development depend on multiple computational and analytical techniques (asymptotics, PDEs, FEM, solid and fluid,  network theory, ….).
Interviews will be in December 2018 or January 2019 and the position can start shortly after a decision has been reached.
To apply or for more information: