Posizioni di Dottorato – Structural consolidation interventions using innovative materials for the preservation of historical and monumental masonry buildings

The Italian historical and monumental built heritage, which represents an enormous socio-cultural and economic asset, is mostly comprised of buildings with load-bearing masonry structures. As is well known, the mechanical characteristics of this material depend on several factors, including the properties of the constituent materials, the brickwork, the quality of the structural connections, etc. However, its most peculiar characteristic is the low tensile strength compared to the compressive one. This often leads to buildings being vulnerable to applied forces, particularly seismic actions. Therefore, the analysis and development of specific intervention procedures are proposed, based on the use of composite and other innovative materials, to mitigate vulnerability of masonry structures. The research will be carried out through specific experimental investigations as well as the development of appropriate predictive models.

Deadline: 12/07/2024 @ 12.00


Ref.: Mario Fagone, mario.fagone@unifi.it