Special issue dedicata al 2022 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures (MIMS22).

Dear Colleagues:

We are very happy to announce that it is now possible to submit manuscript to the special issue of Mechanics Research Communications (MRC) that will collect original, peer-reviewed contributions presented at the 2022 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures (MIMS22), to be held from September 29 th through October 1 st , 2022 in Cetara (Amalfi Coast) – Salerno, Italy (www.multiscale.unisa.it). This issue is aimed at collecting articles at the forefront of applied mechanics, material science and engineering, and physics to further our understanding of mechanics of materials at different scales, and its application to the design, modeling, manufacturing and experimentation of innovative multiscale materials and structures.

The submission deadline is 15 September 2022.

The Guest Editors and the submission procedures are provided below.

Guest Editors
Professor Fernando Fraternali, University of Salerno
Professor Sébastien Guenneau, Imperial College London, CNRS
Professor Muamer Kadic, FEMTO-ST Institute
Professor Anthony Rosato, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Submission Procedures
The submission website is available at: https://www.editorialmanager.com/mrc/default1.aspx

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue you are editing, it is important that authors select SI: MIMS 2022 when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.

In this Special Issue, we request high-quality original research articles focused on the state-of-the-art techniques and methods addressing the inspection, assessment, and upgrading of old bridge infrastructure. We welcome both theoretical and applied papers of high technical standard across various branches in construction sector, thus facilitating an awareness of techniques and methods applicable in bridges that may be relevant to other structures.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in inspection, sensoring and structural health monitoring (SHM) methods and technologies for bridges;
  • Advances in assessment methods, e.g., load-carrying capacity evaluation of reinforced concrete (RC) structures with corrosion damage, fatigue life assessment in welded steel bridges, probabilistic structural integrity assessment;
  • New materials and techniques for strengthening and repair of existing bridges (e.g., application of shape memory alloys, advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites);
  • Long-term behavior, environmental durability, and fire performance of strengthening and repair systems;
  • Design codes and guidelines;
  • Recent case studies (e.g., lessons learned);
  • Monitoring and field measurements on rehabilitated bridges;
  • Advances in management of maintenance works and planning, e.g., risk-informed asset management (RIAM).

Original submissions related to other types of structure relevant to focus areas of this special issue are also welcome.

Deadline: 31 July 2021

Link: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/infrastructures/special_issues/inspection_infrastructures

Flyer: Infrastructures-Special Issue-Inspection, Assessment and Retrofit of Transport Infrastructure

Organizers: Reza Haghani, Rami Hawileh, Paolo S. Valvo

I Colleghi Raffaele Barretta, Domenico De Tommasi e Fernando Fraternali informano della seguente iniziativa:

Special Issue “Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures” in Nanomaterials, MDPI, IF 4.034.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 25 December 2020


Invitation Letter

Giuseppe Lacidogna informa che e’  aperta una call for papers per la Special Issue “Nondestructive Testing” (NDT) per la quale opera come Guest Editor.

Gli articoli accettati, dopo una normale procedura di peer review, saranno pubblicati sulla rivista open access “Applied Sciences”, indicizzata Scopus (ISSN 2076-3417; IF 2.217, https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci)

I dettagli sulla Special Issue sono disponibili al seguente link:

Angelo Luongo informa che è aperta una call for papers per lo Special Issue Homogenization Methods in Materials and Structures” [Applied Sciences] (ISSN 2076-3417; IF 1.689)”, indicizzato Scopus, edito da Angelo Luongo,  Francesco dell’Isola,  Giuseppe Piccardo,  Daniele Zulli, Francesco D’Annibale,  Manuel Ferretti. La rivista chiede il pagamento di una fee (dettagli nell’allegato).