PhD and Research Scholarships at the University of Porto

Three PhD and Research Scholarships are available in the Advanced Joining Processes Unit (AJPU) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP):

1) PhD Scholarship under the project SmartEcoStruct
Title: A smart and eco-friendly adhesively bonded structure for the next generation mobility platforms
Link: https://www.inegi.pt/en/opportunities/phd-scholarship-holder-under-the-project-smartecostruct/

2) Research Scholarship under the project ToughJoint
Title: Development of new hybrid adhesive joints with high performance composite substrates
Link: https://www.inegi.pt/en/opportunities/research-grants/?url=/en/opportunities/research-scholarship-holder-under-the-project-toughjoint/

3) Research Scholarship under the project ToughJoint
Title: Performance of hybrid adhesive joints under fatigue loads
Link: https://www.inegi.pt/en/opportunities/research-grants/?url=/en/opportunities/call-for-one-research-scholarship-holder/

The deadline for applications is 9 December 2022.