PhD scholarship: ” Isogeometric analysis-based models for shape changing structures with applications to patient-tailored stents”

The PhD research activity will be carried out within the project “A new efficient and accurate isogeometric analysis approach to the simulation of shape-changing artery stents—towards patient-tailored 4D printed stents”. The project, carried out in collaboration with DIEF and DMSC of the University of Florence in the framework of the Tuscany Health Ecosystem THE, aims to develop an innovative process to simulate, optimize and print (4D Printing) patient-tailored cardiovascular stents. Recent computational techniques based on isogeometric analysis (IGA) turned out to be, for a given accuracy level, exceptionally faster than existing methodologies based on the standard finite element method in simulating the structural behaviour of such systems. In this context, the objective of the research is to develop an efficient computational model based on IGA for structural systems with complex geometries able to simulate the shape-changing process required for the personalization of the device.

Application deadline: Novembre, 10 2022, 12:00


– Enzo Marino (enzo.marino@unifi.it) for scientific related questions
– INDICEE Secretariat (dott-dicea@unifi.it) for administrative issues

For additional information, see the attachment  or visit the website: https://www.unifi.it/p12246.html