PhD position at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Elio Sacco segnala la seguente posizione di dottorato presso la RWTH Aachen University (Germania).

We are urgently looking for a new PhD student for the Project XS-Meta ESR 5: Multiscale modeling of metamaterials.

XS-Meta is an Innovative European Training Network project, which involves 11 interdisciplinary partners from 7 different countries. The project deals with the material-structure design of high-technology structural systems, using functionally graded 3D-printed metamaterials. Thus, the use of the metal 3D printing technology should enable a change in paradigm in engineering structural design to develop a new generation of high-performance components. Therefore, XS-Meta addresses the problem at different scales, from the microstructure to the continuum-based engineering design of industrial components.

The objectives of our project are (1) the development of a homogenization RVE framework to extract the homogenized metamaterial properties applied to different discrete unit cell metamaterials; (2) the development of surrogate models equivalent to the RVE behavior; (3) the incorporation of that framework in FEM software and the analysis of different metamaterial families.

Our job advertisement is addressed to students in the field of mechanics,

  • who have not spent more than 12 months in Germany in the last 3 years. This excludes holidays and people with refugee status;
  • whose master‘s degree was obtained no longer than 4 years ago.

Further details on the scientific program and additional information can be found under the following link:


We would be very grateful if you could forward the job advertisement to interested students.

Thank you very much and with best regards,

Stefanie Reese
Tim Brepols
Johanna Waimann